What you need to know before making your first skydive

Hi all you potential skydivers out there. We know you want to get started into skydiving, but are curious to know more before you 'leap' into it! OK poor pun - let's get started.

First, this page changes every week, so stop by for more news. We'll be publishing in small booklet form as well and PDF downloads in teh future.

For now, here are the links to the info:

1. Tandem - what you need to know

2. AFF the program that gets you into real skydiving

3. Sport risk, what to ask for on your first jump.

This free PDF booklet has all the essential information you need to know and consider before making your first tandem skydive. It's written in everyday words without technical jargon to make it easy to understand. It's packed with good advice from 30 years of experience as an instructor and practising skydiver. And did we forget to mention that it's free to download the PDF version. You can also purchase a printed version, a 30 page A5 booklet - only $10 plus $5 postage.


To use the download link below, follow these directions:

Mac: right click on the link, then click on the menu for 'Save link as...' then save the file to your computer. (It will normally save by default into your 'Downloads' folder).



If you just click the link below will open the file in your browser - it is a fairly large file so this might take a minute....


Download your free copy here.

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