No Sumo


In Japan the latest innovation in Sumo wrestler training is doing a Tandem Jump. Horihito Mumochino, well known Sumo trainer explains: Fearlessness is  one of the most desired qualities of a good Sumo athlete. When confronted by a larger more experienced Sumo wrestler in the ring, overcoming his intimidation is a major strategy in winning. Performing a Tandem Jump helps the team confront fear head on - it's the best type of training we can offer in this area. Many of the wrestlers find it quite confronting and a great learning experience".

On the flip side, Tandem Masters in Japan are also finding this quite confronting and fearful. Taking a 150+kg Sumo wrestler is downright scary. Tandem Master Joshiro (real name withheld at TM's request) at the Yokahama Skydive Centre said: These guys are huge. The harness barely fits them. The whole system is overloaded and safety is severely compromised. Quite frankly I want to say no but I fear I'll lose my job".

Although Skydiving Centre operators in Japan claim that safety is not compromised, we are siding with the Tandem Masters and have made this tee to raise money for their cause. $5  of every tee sold goes towards our lunches at the local Sushi Train restaurant where we are in earnest discussion about solving the Japanese TM predicament. Contact us if you want to join in the discussion - please bring a bottle of Sake.